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    Bidkon has successfully completed a large number quality residential construction projects.


Bidkon since its inception has worked extensively on various types of residential projects ranging from individual dwellings to multi storied high rise apartments. Bidkon Consultants provide integrated project lifecycle management services, including tender estimates, cost consulting and procurement services, feasibility studies, alternate dispute resolution, risk management and many more. At Bidkon, we  also help public sector organizations deliver better services efficiently with our cost planning and cost estimating services. Bidkon provide project teams with valuable insights to complete projects according to the cost model. We take a holistic approach to development by providing advanced and bespoke solutions to social and affordable housing projects, from multi-storey buildings to real estate regeneration projects. Bidkon offers comprehensive, integrated life-cycle management services to enterprises and our company’s precise estimates has created one of the most impressive records in the industry.

Project Name : QUEST   |    Architect : METAXAS   |    Client : BALMAIN & CO

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