• Tender Estimates

    Tender Estimates are the final estimation of the cost of the works that are described in the tender documents prepared to find tenders from potential suppliers.


Tender estimates comprise the creation of detailed bills of quantities for structural, mechanical, electrical, and architectural work, as well as other tender documentation, in order to get acceptable and reasonable bidders for the project. To generate a complete tender package, Tender Documents include General and Particular Terms of Contract, Preliminaries, Guidelines to Tenderers, Method of Measurements, Preparation of Pre-Tender Estimate, Letter of Intent, Letter of Award, and cooperation with technical consultants.Each estimate is essential to you, and our team values it as well. By offering precise estimates, we assist clients in securing the appropriate project at the right price. From the conception phase of a building project until closeout, we provide our clients with precise quantity takeoffs and pricing as an explicit service or as part of overall construction management. Our extensive expertise and understanding in the fields of construction, technical, and construction strategies, among other things, enables us to accurately tender for projects. We will deliver cost, contract, programme, risk, and value based estimating services in collaboration with our clients, designers, contractors, and industry leaders.

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