5 Different types of Cost Estimation Models

5 Different types of Cost Estimation Models

Controlling Scope Variation

A budget is set in advance for any project, and it is very normal to have an unavoidable change in scope, which leads to a change in the budget. The project manager’s ability to regulate scope adjustments is critical in this circumstance. It has been determined that simply reducing scope variation will assist the project manager in keeping the budget under control. As a result, cost variance is related to scope fluctuation, which is difficult to control and is one of the primary obstacles for efficient cost controls.

Accurate Cost Analysis

Every project necessitates a thorough cost study of the project’s resources. Project managers are dissatisfied by the difficulty they have in controlling and maintaining project cost accounting. It is critical for project managers to deploy effective cost analytical tools in order to keep track of the project’s cash flow. Hiring an adequate accountant for cost analysis is a common problem that project managers face while trying to meet the deadline.

Integrating Schedule and Cost

Another difficult issue that project managers have in cost control management is aligning the project’s timeline and budget. Managers in charge of controlling and monitoring activities, as well as managers in charge of managing cost codes, fiscal periods, and transactions, are often different in each project. Managers in charge of WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and task activities are sometimes unaware of the cost analysts who track cash flow for each activity, making it difficult for cost analysts or accountants to keep track of costs for each work. As a result, cost control is a significant concern for project managers.

Accurate Reporting

Customers are involved in every project, and these customers may include stakeholders, the IT business unit, financing agencies, and others. These consumers require reliable data for each action on a frequent basis in order to monitor its progress. It can be challenging for a project manager to offer consumers with error-free reports from all departments involved in the project.

Adapting Advanced Technology

There have been significant advancements in project cost management, but only proper application of this technology may lead to the project’s aim being met. Despite considerable technological developments, project managers are apprehensive of properly applying it. Many project managers face this difficulty when it comes to cost control management.

Cost management is the most important aspect of project management, as every change in cost estimates has a direct influence on the project’s timeline and scope. In order to successfully achieve the project goal, accurate project cost control is critical. Stakeholders have developed a mindset to accomplish the project on time and on budget as a result of technological advancements. When it comes to project cost containment, there are a variety of obstacles to overcome.


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